Sauk Valley Community College

Work performed at this local community college in Dixon consisted of an interior remodel of an approximately 11,000 square foot area within the facility that had been abated. The remodel included building new walls, furnishing and installing new doors, windows, ceilings and associated finishes, as well as new flooring—both carpet tile and athletic flooring. Additionally, complete HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical work was done, and the removal and replacement of exterior window system and other related work.

Swedberg & Associates, Inc. worked closely with college staff and the engineering firm, Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc., to bring this project to life.

The finished area houses two classrooms, several offices, two testing areas as well as a new fitness center and book store. Capitalizing on the college’s location which is nestled next to the Rock River, this renovated area now showcases a spectacular view of the river that flows just to the south.

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